Saturday, October 4, 2008

Your Best Bet In Sports Television This Weekend [10/4-10/6]

College Football:

Top Five Games To Watch

Florida St. vs. Miami (Look I know this game has little to no real value on shit but it is 'The U' against FSU and I'm a bit of a softy for rivals and nostalgia. I don't expect much and I don't even expect this game to be that close. I couldn't name three players on either side of this game or in total but I'll still probably watch this.

My prediction: I'll be sleep by the 2nd offensive play, lol but seriously FSU 30 - Miami 21

Auburn vs. Vanderbilt (I want to say that I smell upset here but really my nose is stopped up and I can't smell my upper lip so I can't in good faith go out and say something I don't believe in. Now do i want Auburn to fall? Yes, they're ahead of OSU and UF so they're in my way but they won't lose this one. Vandy is actually ranked this year and it looks like a good matchup on paper betwween two ranked teams but Auburn was considered contenders for a Championship this year so I can't see them losing this early in the season twice. The SEC is the best conference in the nation and it isn't even close so I wouldn't be completely surprise if Vanderbilt wins but I don't see it happening.)

My prediction: Auburn 35 - Vandy 18

OSU vs. Wisconsin (Probably the best game of the weekend that is going to be the knockout blow for one of these two teams with BCS game hopes and fortunately it won't be OSU. A win here for either club means a Top Ten entry next week which is goof for us but bad for the rest of the country that respect the Big Ten about as much as they respect Sarah Palin. Wisky is a good team. They always are year after year with a great balance of Run and Defense; A poor man's OSU if you will. I just think if you can't handle the young Wolverines there's no way you can handle Pryor and Beanie. Just no. Anyway the class of the Big Ten ins't even on the line in this game. That's a crap shoot between Penn St., Mich. St. and these two teams but Saturday night goes a long way toward settling that picture.)

My prediction: OSU 24 Wisconsin 17

Texas vs. Colorado (The Big 12 is a big fraud of conference and this game should be an indicator of why I believe that's so. I see Colorado winning this game which they really shouldn't but because Texas always gets Top 25 love year in and year out for God knows what reason everyone is going to act all surprised when Colorado wins and I won't be and neither should the intelligent readers of His Aura Was Orange. There's not a team in the Big 12 that will have less that 2 losses before the seasons over and that's not because the conference is so good, but because the conference is so shitty. So Big 12 fans, sorry but prepare yourself fo rthat let down because it will happen. Anyway)

My prediction: Colorado 28 Texas 21

Finally Oregon vs. USC (Every part of me wants to say USC doesn't lose twice in a row and how that's a prideful team and Pete Carroll just don't allow that kind of bullshit to happen and how this is still the greatest team in the history of organized sports (no wait that's what Mark May wants to say, sorry for the confusion) but for some reason, something in my gut says otherwise. I just can't pick USC to win this game. It's going to be a great game to watch and one that we'll all remember though on Monday.)

My prediciton: Oregon 33 - USC 30


Top Five Games To Watch

Tennessee vs. Baltimore (Two better defenses I not. Gonna be surprised if there's more than 24 points scored in this one total.)
Buffalo vs. Arizona (You have the most potent air striking offense in the league when clicking against a defense that looks to inpose it's will up front and in the secondary. The classic offense v. defense matchup and a match between two unlikely division leaders. Good game right hurr. )
Tampa Bay vs. Denver (Two teams, both with great run games, both with great defenses, both 3-1, somethings got to give)
Washington vs. Philly (Look, the NFC East has been the best division in football. No reason to miss this at all.)
Indy vs. Houston (Too bad teams but on paper but I guarantee it's going to be good.)

(*My predictions in bold)

Pittsburgh and Jacksonville is going to be a good matchup too but frankly I'd rather watch Obama lose this election than watch that ugly ass game.

Also just a programming note, don't sleep on that Kimbo Slice v. Ken Shamrock flight either. I know I'll be flipping the channel between that and the game in the nightcap so don't cheat yourselves on that.

Also feel free to hit up the chatbox or comment box with any hate I'm due in the event I'm massively wrong in my picks but keep it PC. That's what it's there for. Keep it interestin gy'all. Peace.

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