Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jon B. - 'Helpless Romantic Sampler'

In Stores This Tuesday, Probably On The Net This Weekend But Can Be Sampled Here Now:

And for the fans of Jon B. that can't wait until then but promise to buy the album on Tuesday and support him in his independent endeavors because he's earned your money with this album, like myself, download a few standout tracks below that I put together in rar form from ZShare. But like I said, BUY THE ALBUM TUESDAY!

(Scroll over list below and click)

Jon B. - Drops of Rain
Jon B. - Get What U Want
Jon B. - In Too Deep
Jon B. - Paradise In You
Jon B. - Need It Bad

Remember to buy the man's album, once again, because he deserves your support unlike so many other bullshit artists that people continually support for whatever the hell reason. If you can download, you can buy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

im buying 3 copies tuesday...easily the best rnb album I have heard all year...welcome back jon...