Friday, October 31, 2008

Just a Reminder To Stay Your Ass In Line At The Polls!

I don't give a shit how long the lines are at your polling station, Stay the fuck in line! I don't care what lies you're telling yourself or what excuses you can think up to excuse your going home and giving up on the democratic process I can assure you that whatever lie you can come up with, it won't measure up in the slightest to the reality of how you'll feel in three years when McCain is president and he's rounding third and fucking up the economy and you don't have a job and the only people giving out money is the army because they need new recruits as we've just entered our 12th front in wars overseas in foreign countries. Don't let yourself go home and punk out. Trust me, it won't be worth it and hindsight is an emotion not worth having if you have the ability to retroactively avoid it. Young people, I'm looking at you in particular. The old heads always wait shit out. They have less time than us and they always act like we should in demonstrating the patience that we need to show. If you can wait in line for a PS3 or a iPhone or whatever other dumb shit niggas is buying these days you can wait in line to vot and make sure things aren't fucked up for the next 4 years.

Waiting in line to vote on something that will affect you for the next four years > Waiting in line for a product that will be obselete by the end of the year like whatever Sony or Apple is putting on the market.

This has been a public service announcement on behalf of everybody here at His Aura Was Orange.

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