Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sarah Palin = Kerry Collins

 Don't see the resemblance? You should since they're essentially the same person.

They're both not really going to win the game but supporters of both teams just hope they just don't lose the game. Tonight Joe Biden and Sarah Palin go at it for 90 minutes and the country gets it's first opportunity to look at the two party's back-up quarterbacks side by side. The election is looking less and less like the serious democratic choice between differing paths to tackle common problems and more like a reality show. America is tuned in because they're broke and a dollar doesn't get you a can of soup anymore and a gallon of gas doesn't get your car next door but also because there's a folksy element to the election now with Palin that the country is following like a soap opera. In case you agree with me, here's one more thing you probably also think too: this is not a good thing for so many reasons beyond the obvious ones. Keeping a Cinderella in the playoffs in sports until the end when they're crushed in the finals by an overmatched team that earned it's way there is entertaining as hell only because it's sports but when someone who shouldn't be on the stage auditioning for vice president of the United States whose intelligence doesn't surpass your own it's a horrifying proposition. So as I'm sure her handlers are saying to her now, "Sarah just don't lose the game for us" like she is Kerry Collins. Kerry Collins is the starting quarterback to an undefeated NFL team with a league best defense but an offense that is usually overmatched week to week only Collins knows his limits and plays like it. He doesn't make the miraculous play or long strike downfield but just as important he also doesn't make the huge mistake the team can't afford.

In all seriousness Palin is probably smarter than the Katie Couric interviews indicate so I think she'll do a lot better tonight than most people are counting on her to so don't be surprised if she manages the game like Kerry Collins tonight. She just might win the game for McCain if she can just do that much.

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