Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday's Woman: Sheena Sakai

I know people are trying to make it through grueling work weeks and find things to keep them going and I like to think the Wednesday's Woman segment serves that purpose and that you do find the women I post as fine as I do. If you don't, well that's all good too. As long as you keep the traffic coming through here we really have no beef. Which brings us to this hump day, and Lord knows there's not many women that most men would want to hump more than this week's woman. She's a reality star, made famous by the usually contemptible America's Next Top Model, but I can't even front I'm giving in and following this season for no other reason than Sheena, which as you'll see is a very very good reason (I can assure you I'll go back to ignoring this show once again once this season is over or Sheena is eliminated which for me mean one in the same either way). She puts you to mind of Kimora Lee Simmons but actually hot, LOL. I'm just hoping her winning this show brings about more notoriety and fame so that I can have more opportunities to marvel at this east coast beauty for years to come even if the history of the show's winners says otherwise (although come to think of it, Eva Pigford did well for herself). As a bonus, the girl has swag. In fact, her cup runeth over with swag as the corresponding video at the bottom will demonstrate. That's for later though. Until then, pictures I present to you my current show girlfriend, who I'll be faithful to until the next Real World or Big Brother season, the lovely Sheena Sakai...

Just flat out sexy.
So to wrap this up I got some good news and some bad news when I watched the following video of her casting tape and you should be able to tell both by the end. Just play the damn video it's only a minute long you lazy so and so's.

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