Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday's Woman: Lea Quezada

If you don't remember her, trust me its understood. She had a hit song in 2004 with Lil Flip and then went into the witness protection program for some reason that I'm not in the know about and hasn't been heard from since. That song was "Sunshine". Anyway, I always caught the video in between classes back then and stopped to listen to the song, which I surprisingly didn't hate (I could say like but who uses that word to describe contemporary music anymore, really? That's so 90's.) entirely to see her. Well the song was on the radio over at a friends house the other day and reminded me of her and so when I got home I got to thinking maybe she's doing something else these days and so I did the Google thing and come to find out she's signed to Aaliyah's Blackground label and has an album coming out any day now literally and I wish her all the best with that and sincerely wish her music gets a trial in the public sector like so many other lesser acts have already gotten so my fingers are crossed. Let's pray she gets that opportunity, if for nothing else then for the eye candy that I think we all can agree on. Until then, enjoy these pictures of her as I get back to hitting y'all off with the Wednesday's Woman segment of our programming here as I have been neglectful in recent times in doing. Accept this as a peace offering of sorts.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I decided to google her today too because I had a nostalgic moment, watched the Lol Flip video, thought "I always thought Lea was pretty"...and here I am!