Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Post Debate Wrap Up: Obama Won This One

Let me just say this out front,

Time constraints on two candidates who are the leaders of our country's two biggest parties are capricious. They're talking about the issues of our time and potentially our children's and Tom Brokaw chides them every other answer for breaching time from question to question like this is a game show. [MC Search] This is not a game, people. [/MC Search] We ought never promote vagaries as a platform for politicians who make careers in their comfortability in them.

That little piece of unpleasantness behind us,


My comments as they occurred to me (not many but there really wasn't much meat on the bones tonight):

9:14 - LOL @ McCain insisting he suspended his campaign because of the Wall Street crisis like he gave a fuck. McCains such a martyr.

For Wall St. and it's sins, the McCain campaign suffered, died and was buried on the third day it rose again in the fulfilment of the scriptures and ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of father (George Bush)...

9:32 - It's really due to nothing McCain can help, and I've never made his age an issue, but aesthetically the contrast between him and Obama out from behind the podiums can't be a good look for him. Probably reminds voters he's a bit older. Not that I care, mind you just that to others it might.

9:50 - McCain's pacing around the stage is really an eyesore. What, does he have to pee or something? Should we take a bathroom break or did John bring a Depends tonight. Perhaps he he's developing a rash. Perhaps a change in diaper is the change he seeks.

10:11 - Obama went hard on offense in turning his fire toward Osama Bin Laden, the almost forgotten element in the room, you know the guy who attacked us on 9/11?

Look, Obama put on a hell of a show tonight and there's no reason to make a meal over a bag of Doritos here. Tonight did not serve McCain very well and I expected to be saying tonight how hard McCain went at Obama over his personal attatchments but instead McCain looked like a man more comfortable sitting at the head of a table in his house yelling at his grandkids and looking out the window periodically to make sure that the neighborhood's children weren't playing in his yard than sitting in the chair in front of the desk in the oval office. Obama didn't hit any home runs tonight but he's getting batters on base and he's advancing runners with every errant throw McCain makes or mistimed fielding error. Johnny, look up at the scoreboard, there aren't many more outs left.

He needs a win like Bengals need a win, only like the Bengals a clear path to that victory doesn't seem clear and is increasingly less likely as each week passes by.

Game isn't over , but people are leaving for the parking lot.

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