Friday, February 29, 2008

I'll start this off, see how we do

This is a song I came across last week, first I ever heard of this dude but the song is absolutely the best song I heard this year. Dude sounds like Omarion in the voice but the style is more a hybrid of Dwele meets Lyfe Jennings, it's also real acoustic and fairly neo-soul so if that's not your thing, pass but if you trust my judgment download and do yourself a favor.

Artist: Geroise
Song: My My

If you like dude, visit him on MySpace @: (No Homo, lol.)

Obama ft. 50 Cent - "Emotional" [Video of the Year]

Aww, yes the Obligatory Introduction Piece...

Many may know me, some don't but all will in due time [or at least that's the plan].

Anyway, a little about me, I made this site on a whim at 3 AM on a Thursday night after aimless web surfing looking for something I haven't found yet to entertain me which may or may not exist. Boredom is the internet's worst enemy and people need shit to keep them from working or making worthwhile contributions to society and hopefully, in my most humblest attempt, I can be your drug pusher; the conveyor of your entertainment needs. Plus, if you're going to buy that raw from the web, buy from me. I got it for the low.

I'm going to make this site as perfectly random as my moods are from day to day, minute to minute, so if you don't like:

  • Neo-Soul
  • Old School R&B [the good stuff, NOT the corny stuff] downloads
  • Sports
  • Random albeit entertaining all-encompassing Youtube videos
  • The occasional Hip-Hop download
  • Left-leaning political musings
  • Commentary/Insight on various happenings ranging from niggadry-Kingdom Come [the place, not the album, that shit was awful]
  • Eye Candy
  • More...
Then this site probably isn't for you and you should snatch up the breadcrumbs you followed that brought you here.

If you're still here, reading, lurking in the background, enjoy yourself, use the comments box [because that's what it's there for and stay a while.......or not, lol.] and make yourself at home and Bookmark me. Also, email me at if I missed something important or something that should be mentioned or brought to my attention that I may want to post.

Feel free to visit the concession stands for snacks and the like.......Enjoy the show!