Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday's Top Ten Clips From Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

So I hate to get too much in a pattern of successive political posts, and I feel the need to break up some of the monotonous posting behavior I'm repulsed by by instead making a light post in a very tense time in history filled with racism, bigotry and general hate. This is why God gives us such good things like 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' and friends who remind us of the greatness of the show and it's characters (shouts to eastbayhustler). So this week's focus is on all the funniest clips from the show that I found most memorable from my childhood's favorite show. This show could go toe to toe with most any comedy television series ever and thus it's greatness ought be honored at every opportunity that the times give us and hence this being a Tuesday, what the hell?

The Top Ten Fresh Prince Moments (that I can find on the internet) from funny to funniest. Enjoy, LOL.


This is funny to me in so much as how surreal it is from the court size, the showboatery (is that a word) and just the And1 nature of the clip. I laugh everytime.


Carlton and a microphone singing equals funny all the time.


"Word to Big Bird"
- Will Smith


There's not an adult alive now who was a kid at the time of this show that doesn't have this in their top ten funniest clips real, period.


Once again, Carlton singing therefor creating classic material.


Somehow I don't doubt hip-hop will at some point in it's future create a song that samples this. The scary part? It might be ill.


If Carlton singing is good, Carlton dancing is great. Oprah theme song + Carlton dancing at an inappropriate time is brilliant.


"You must have me confused with yo mamma" gets people fucked up everyday, every hour in believe it or not many various levels of income nationally. This clip illustrates that point.


I wrestled internally and almost tore my soul into two when deciding whether this should be here or number one and it was close; closer than two buttcheeks in prison, even. In the end I chose the clip to be here and I might live to regret that but you tell me.


Carlton, shows his compassion for the Trix rabbit in this absolutely hilarious clip. God ghostwrote this episode I'm convinced. If he didn't write the episode in it's entirety he did write this scene. Enjoy!



The Rare Full length Intro to "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air"

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