Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wow @ This Kyle Orton Looking Dude Singing

You really really can't judge a book by it's cover because this dude right here is pretty good. Check dude out...

Dude > 98% of singers in the game. Real talk.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What McDonalds Thinks of the Black People That Buy Their Food


These are minstrel shows and it's not cute. We really need to organize our buying power and force companies to respect it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Celebrity Look-A-Likes

Part III of what we here like to call Celebrities That Look-A-Like

Baloo & Dwight Freeney


Dwight Freeney
Rev. Jeremiah Wright & Sinbad

Rev. Wright

Thurgood Stubbs & Rev. Al Sharpton

Thurgood Stubbs (The PJ's)

Al Sharpton
Phife Dawg & Keenan Thompson

Phife Dawg

Keenan Thompson
Darius Rucker & Carlos Delgado

Darius Rucker

Carlos Delgado

Francisco Cordero & Fatman Scoop

Francisco Cordero

Fatman Scoop
Rajon Rondo & Grover


Rajon Rondo

Kerry Collins & Vern Schillinger (OZ)


Kerry Collins

Vern Schillinger (HBO's OZ)
Mike D'Antoni & Pringles Mascot

Mike D'antoni

Pringles mascot
Gary Brackett & Jason Whitlock

Gary Brackett

Jason Whitlock

Pastor Uncle Ruckus Coming With That Obama Hate Again, LOL

I only post this garbage because it's funny to me. My guy won so all this is just sour grapes but skip to 1:50, which is where it starts getting funny.

LOL @ Jerry Jones Pop Locking

When black people coon, it is not okay with me. When white people coon, that I can live with.

Sad State Of Affairs As The Economy Forces Women Into Prostitution [ABC News Video]

Barack need to fix this economy, man. Got future mothers shaming their children that aren't even born yet.

Various NBA Players Reactions To Obama Making History

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Dre3000 Interview

New interview fresh from my favorite rapper, talking about a new album clothes and other things...


Last time you were inspired to design clothes?

For Benjamin Bixby I knew I was going to be launching in Fall/ Winter. I’m a huge American football fan and what lets you know it’s fall in America is football because the leaves turn a certain colour and you start layering up to go to the game. I’m a big fan of early, early American football style, so this experience was inspired by that. And British tailoring too, which is pretty structured. You get a lot of that British tailoring with American cool.

Last time you picked up a needle and thread?

[Laughs] I can tell you this has been some of the hardest work I’ve done in the last two years. I’ve been involved in every single part of the line because I want to make sure it gets a certain identity. I’m pretty much putting my own money into it, so I’ve invested in myself.

Last time a chick changed your style up [*cough* Erykah *cough*]?

Yeah, that’s how people see it I guess, but it’s a misconception. All my friends knew what was going on, but I think at the time it looked that way. Since high school it was always about dressing up and doing your thing. Of course, becoming an entertainer gives you a bigger stage to pull off wilder and crazier things.

Last time you made a fashion faux-pas?

I’ve done that a lot of times, but it’s more costumes when I’m performing. But when I’m 80 with my grandkids, we’ll look back and laugh and see we had a good time.

Having killed it on the collabo front this year, last time you were in the studio for your own music?

I was just talking to my DJ the other night because I’m working on a solo album at the moment and I’m so excited. I just want to hear some new music from myself, but I’m not a fast writer. I envy every rapper out right now because they write so fast. Lil Wayne, T.I., Game... I wish I could have that much output. But I’m hoping it will be out the top of next year and I’m hoping it will be a rap album.

We do too...
I really pray that it’s rap because that’s what I’m feeling right now. I have a couple of titles, and a couple of concepts, but it really depends on the music. When I’m 75/ 80% done, I’ll know.

Last time your music was used to inspire an Olympic win?

Yeah, I heard Michael Phelps listens to old Outkast in the locker room. It’s always surprising when people bring up old songs because they’re so distant to me, it’s almost like another life.

Last album you listened to?

I’m listening to a lot of blues artists right now; Freddie King, BB King, Hendrix. And of course Lil Wayne is jamming, he’s got the world in the palm of his hands right now, he’s, really good. In fact, I can say he’s an outstanding rapper.

Last time you considered yourself one of the Top 5 MCs?

I like to think that I am, but I think the older I get, the more I have to hype myself up [laughs]. I get tired these days!

Tuesday's Top Ten: Women On CNN

Full disclosure, I've always been and will always be a MSNBC type nigga. They present the best quality of news and reporting on television period. Fox News is Fox News. It deserves no serious analyzing because it's journalistic fraud and sensationalized slop. I don't even watch it that much to be able to pick out a group of women and conduct a similar list. MSNBC like I said is wonderful programming just I don't get down with their female correspondents/hosts/anchors all like that. When you're great at something though you need less distractions and so I guess I attribute their lack of pretty faces to that. Now for CNN, their news is pretty good but considerably less interesting than MSNBC but what makes them competitive is the eye candy over there. They body the competition. It's not even fair, like whoever the Bulls played in the 90's going up against the GOAT. So I always wanted to acknowledge how highly I think of their women in a post at some point but it never really fit and so the best idea I could come up with to work them into a post is by ranking their Top Ten women in a Tuesday's Top Ten list and here we are. Top Ten Women On CNN (all pics, no commentary as the photos will do that for me).

[Keep in mind, if you disagree that's what the comment box to your right is there for and if that's too complicated, hit up the Comments at the end of the post and voice your pleasure/displeasure with my assestment...]

10.) Robin Meade

9.) Zain Verjee

8.) Veronica De La Cruz

7.) Richelle Carey

6.) Kristie Lu Stout

5.) Suzanne Malveaux

4.) Amy Holmes

3.) Stephanie Elam

2.) Fredricka Whitfield

1.) Soledad O'Brien