Thursday, October 2, 2008

Post VP Debate Coverage

[LOL @ Joe in this picture looking like 'You got me going against Peggy fucking Hill? Is that what you are here for?']

I got more calls and interruptions during this debate than I anticipated but I still managed to jot down some notes and they are as follows:

9:18 - Palin is all nervous and tentative and anxious in getting in and remembering the points she was given to say. She sounds almost like Kanye in '05 with Michael Myers at that Katrina Benefit.

9:27 - She's very annoying.

She sounds like Bobby Generic's mom and looks like Peggy Hill. Her whole style is very cartoonish.

[Also she sounds like "Stuart" 's mom on from the MadTV sketches.]

9:57 - LOL @ Sarah Palin saying 'We need to stop looking backward and start looking forward' as it pertained to Iraq.

Funny my 2 year old niece said the same thing today when I babysat her and she walked up to me with a shitty diaper.

Point being it's easy to say let's move on when you're the one responsible for the shit in the past.

10:13 - Biden's been cleaning her clock the 2nd half of this thing and it isn't funny how bad she's getting.

She came out hardbody though. Can't deny that but she had all the lasting power of Rice Krispies after 5 minutes in milk.

10:23 - Damn Joe came through with the personal introspective identification with John Q. Anyman right there. Took it to the heart of folks with where he came from, the humble background and familiarity with single parents and those without. Good moment.

In summary, Biden won, not at first but as it went on he wore her down like a running back over the toll of a game. Palin was okay; didn't completely buckle and for that she deserves credit. Whatever her bar was she cleared it in the beginning. About a quarter til 10 she got worked over.

For those keeping score at home the Obama/Biden ticket is up a TD and field goal as it stands right now going into the half.

Tuesday's Obama/McCain debate ought to be fun.

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