Friday, October 31, 2008

Wednesday's Woman: Danielle Harris

I'm not a big halloween dude myself and so I don't make it a big deal to go all out by mentioning it or celebrating it but I have a blog and so I have certain duties to commemorating certain days and every other week I like to break up some of the boredom of posting political notes and happenings with other things so today I think I'll post all the halloween relate things I can think of....

Starting with this: Wednesday's Woman: Danielle Harris

She starred in Halloween 4 & 5 as Michael Myers adolescent niece and thus the target of his rage. Poor kid, I know. She was then asked to come back and appeared in last years Rob Zombie Halloween remake as Laurie Strode's best friend (the character's name escapes me at the moment). Well let me say, she was like 9 in the first two Halloweens she was in and was 30 in last year's release and time was kind to her. I'm not too familiar with many of her other roles but I might have to start familiarizing myself with her work from here on out because she is quite the young starlet. So to bottom line all this don't take it from me, see for yourself...

The 2008 Leading Nominee of the Meagan Goode Award for growing up from child roles and becoming fine, Danielle Harris.

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