Monday, October 20, 2008

Okay, The NBA Season Is Around The Corner

And I came across this interesting breakdown of career numbers between Paul Pierce (my favorite basketball player), Kobe Bryant (widely believed in many basketball circles to be the best basketball player in the world) and Michael Jordan. Now I've always believed that Pierce is the best basketball player and as you may well be aware the internet is the prom for Kobe-stanleys and so I've had many run-ins with them through the years but to put it in perspective of how similar their numbers have been even before Paul Pierce's breakout season last year these were the numbers of all three players in comparison (You can click the pic to enlarge it if it isn't legible enough):

So to put it bluntly, when Paul Pierce gets another ring, as he most certainly will, and gets an additional Finals MVP trophy, the Kobe Cult should be very afraid. Very afraid as Paul will have gotten another year closer in matching your God's rings and having already matched his stats and have more Finals MVP trophies as well and thus will be regarded as *gasp*

It's coming....

Be afraid, stanleys.

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