Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday's Woman: Ildi Silva

Ildi Silva is an Afro-Brazilian model and actress, a beauty from Bahia in the north of Brazil. Many of you will have never heard of her and probably will never see any of her work but she's pretty dope so I figured it noteworthy to share with y'all one of the finest you all haven't had the opportunity to happen upon.

Brazil is killing the world in terms of beautiful women. Like running laps around countries. Ugly is about to be the new beauty down there, it's getting so played out to be gorgeous there I bet. You won't even be hurting the game unless you got a ugly fat chick up under your arm in the next decade in South America. Anyway, I'm going to probably drop another installment later today since there wasn't much by way of photos of this lady and I look out so check back in a hour or so.

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