Thursday, April 24, 2008

Terrell Owens Worries About His Pious Reputation

SOUTH BEACH, Fla. - Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens is suing gossip site for posting a photo of him on a Bang Bros. porn set.

The picture of a grinning Owens was snapped when the player "apparently walked into an adult photo shoot taking place in Miami's South Beach," according to TMZ. The posted the photo April 22 with the caption: "What do you know, another football player who does not take his off season seriously?"

Owens' attorney Allan M. Lerner sent an angry cease-and-desist letter to demanding that the "misleading and nonconsensual" photo be removed, claiming the football star was "unaware when the snapshot was taken that it would appear on the web or link him to the adult entertainment industry."

Lerner argues that the posting constitutes an attempt to "disrepute and smear" his client's reputation.

"We therefore demand that you immediately remove the photographs and the references from your website, state to your public that these photographs linking Mr. Owen to porn were not done with his consent," the letter concluded.

The picture remained on the site this morning.

Word, Son? I guess after calling Jeff Garcia a 'Fag' and poisoning the Philadelphia Eagles locker room a short time ago and almost evenly dividing the team between you and Donovan McNabb you're somehow worried about your image now?

Judging from that grin you got plastered on your mug, you certainly knew what was up. Even if you weren't there when the deal went down with company present in the photo, you definitely went there in your mind.

Here's a tip for free. Worry more about catching passes from Tony Romo instead of catching flashes from cameras in the future. You see cameras, duck from time to time. Friendly media has long since waived bye-bye to you so you've got to now live with the assumption that whenever people want a flick of your likeness it can't be good for you. Be practical.

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