Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday's Woman: Ibis Del Mar

It's always always tough to pick which woman to feature from week to week. Always straddling that line of trying to stray from the easy and obvious choices that everybody knows about that every other website features from some Hollywood event, hanging out in places of the likes that we've never been or will never be invited to. That's pretty whatever to me and I'm a pretty whatever guy and all but that's all the more reason to exceed my own low self imposed expectations and go digging through the sea to cook up some fish that you may not have sampled before or had the pleasure of being served. So anyway this one today is quasi-famous, and I don't mean that as a slight either but in the refreshing way as in before the machine has had a chance for you to sour on them like the way they did Beyonce, Serena and the likes. Anyway her name is Ibis Del Mar of Real World/Road Rules Challenge Fame. I think I was digging her when I was a much younger man back in the olden days {i.e. like 3 maybe 4 years ago} and for some reason or another she crossed my mind as I was having a momentary bout of "WhatInTheHell" (medical term of course) and my remote was stuck on MTV for more than the standard 2 seconds. So I looked old girl up on the internet to see if she was going to be in any future MTV challenges or had anything in the works with the company and I was unsuccessful, the good news is I found pictures to show you at least that my judgment was sound from years back unlike some people *I'm looking at you Hillary* and that she's at LEAST as impressive as I found her to be back then, if not more. Also she's a graduate of UF and out in the world doing some things so she's beautiful and successful and single. Florida y'all are starting to look bad. Stop sleeping.

So accept my humblest apologies for skipping Soulful Sunday this past Sunday and accept this peace offering of Ibis and a few R&B songs from a couple of R&B mixes that I found to be particularly solid. So today is going to be a hybrid of Soulful Sunday and Wednesday's Woman. Like you really need another day, right? Seven is plenty.

Also in case you haven't noticed there is a chatbox on the right side of the screen. You might have to scroll down to see it but if you can bear the inconvenience of putting your finger through the motions to get there you might drop me a line, let me know you're breathing and ain't just lurking for the sense of lurking. I won't bite. I promise.

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