Sunday, April 20, 2008

He's So Articulate...

For the record I rarely ever, if at all, jump to the conclusion that the white person who says this to or about a black person is bigoted. I just think people who say this as a compliment are just clueless. What type of protruding forehead blank-faced idiots do you associate yourself with that this person is especially articulate in comparison? Do you and your friends talk in charades and act out every thought you have like mimes because words escape you? Do you and these simpletons walk around with sticks and drag sandboxes everywhere you go so you can draw out everything you think?

That's the only objectionable thing I can see as far as that half-compliment. Nothing racial about it, just demeaning. It means you've surpassed some alarmingly low litmus test of intelligence.

Imagine it.

"Putting a sentence together. So easy, a caveman could do it". Word to Geico.

And yes I was called articulate today. :(

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