Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday's Woman: Daphne Joy

Checking in as today's "Wednesday's Woman" is Daphne Joy a regular on MTV's show "Wildin' Out" starring host Nick Cannon. Now we all make mistakes and I'm not judging Daphne so her working with a cornball and 4-time HisAuraWasOrange Nominee for Loser of the Month can be swept under the rug and contributed to everybody doing something one time in their life that they're not particularly proud of. Take me for instance, when I was 15 I worked at Hardee's and my life looked something like this infamous Dave Chappelle skit:
Dave Chappelle Wac Arnolds

But I digress, she's fairly exotic, as I can't put my finger on what her ethnic make-up is, and she's as voluptuous as August is hot, so let us commence with the eye-goggling and please remember to check back tomorrow as I will have Tuesday's Top Ten, then. (As usual I'm late I know).

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