Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Top Ten: Olympic Women In Beijing

I personally love the Olympics. It's a real shame they don't come around but once every four years. Anyway, as you can imagine this list is extremely hard to comprise given the high concentration of focused dopeness in one place at one time. Unfortunately there was just too much beauty to narrow down the list down to ten and so I narrowed the list to thirty wherein the Top 10, The Wives if you will, are the absolute dopest, the second righteous 10 are the girlfriends, and the last 10 are the Jump-Offs (still nice looking mind you). I assure you it's not real sign of disrespect to be in any category below the gold because at least your name came up in the list from so many women to choose from, just in case one of the athletes comes at me weeks from now and starts hulking out.
So anyway, here goes. I did the best I could.

(Gold Medals) Wives
Alicia Sacramone
Naide Gomes

Katerina Bad’urova
MeLisa Barber
LoLo Jones
Carol Rodriguez
Leryn Franco
Robyn Ah Mow-Santos
Jacquelyn Johnson

(Silver Medals) Girlfriends

Jaqueline CARVALHO
Amanda Beard
Tairia Flowers

Ana Paula Connelly
Stephanie Rice
Hyleas Fountain
*Huggling Jacquelyn Johnson (from the Gold Ten Above) crying as I was when I saw her ass too*
Misty May
Torri Edwards

Alexandra Orlando
Jessica Ennis

(Bronze Medals) Jump-Offs

Catherine Osterman

Ivet Lalova
Romy Tarangul
Adriana Pinto
Guo Jingjing
Sanya Richards
Camelia Balint
Yelena Isinbayeva

Silvia Lucimara
Queen Harrison

So there you have it 30 up, 30 down. You wouldn't believe how long this post took to accumulate. Having to look through all the athletes from all the countries and skim through all the pictures to find what I thought were the most flattering images. A lot of work, a lot of time and so you to take 3 minutes to skim by and go on about your business. I'm clinically insane. I must be. Anyway, Enjoy. Let me know if I missed something or somebody.

Update: As I knew I would, I left one out,
Ms. Keila Costa of Brazil.
Let's just say she's on the Gold list for obvious reasons.

Damn I need an R. Kelly song to fully express how I feel about her:

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