Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obamas Vice Presidential Choice: Joe Biden

I like this. I like this alot.
He's gullier than Joe Liebermann and John Edwards (the last two Democratic Vice Presidential Candidates) and in the vice presidential debates he's going to eat Mitt Romney's lunch and start on John McCain's.
Obama getting someone like Joe Biden on his team is something akin to the Dallas Cowboys getting Deion in '95 and then winning the Superbowl, they certainly know how to win on their own but adding someone with that kind of swagger reinforces their gangster; the defense is immediately bolstered.
I haven't known about Biden for forever but ever since like '03 when he became a regular on Bill Maher's 'Realtime' show I've liked his sensibilities and reason and marveled in his presentation; very intriguing and entertaining guy.
Just look at the guy, you just know that finger isn't pointed at someone because he agrees with them. There's almost literally nobody the Republicans can put up as a ticket thats going to match that Obama/Biden ticket. It's going to be utterly laughable. Look for them to go with that standard old tired stiff and stale presentation they always go with.
It's about to go down.


Biden showing his attack dog instincts when Bush was in Israel earlier this year alluding to Obama being an 'appeaser'...

LOL, Romney's going to be shining his shoes.

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