Monday, August 4, 2008

Not Only Is Tony Soprano Not Dead

He's spotting cameras, grabbing his nuts at them and checking out potential goomah's walking by him in booty shorts.


stellaannfred said...

So why is he acting like that? When was this video done?

The Honorable 'Sass said...

Video was from last month.

As to why he did it who knows? Probably just trying to surprise people and do the unexpected because of the craziness of having cameras follow him all day. He just gave them something to film.

stellaannfred said...

Hmmmm....I still don't get why an actor as famous as James would be hangin' with his hommies on the street. You've got to admit they look like hit men with nothing to do but chill with the leader!

Changing the subject: Have you seen McCain-cane's wife? She looks like one of those botox ridden flea bags from Hollywood! She looks as though she's been glued together......I'll bet she looks pretty darn wrinkley under all that pancake makeup.
I still don't understand why people would vote for a guy who is 4 steps from his grave!!!!