Friday, August 29, 2008

John McCain Picks Sarah Palin As His VP


This is what you got?

You're selecting a 44-year old woman you've met two times prior to today as your vice president whose been elected as governor in Nov. '06?

Would this candidate even be acceptable if she were a man? This is serious business here, if an international crisis happens, and you aren't there, who will lead this Carol Brady impostor?

The only thing about her that isn't new is her ideas. They're lock in step with McCain's (Don't believe me, check her voting record). She's not really exceptional. Her only value is that she's the front page news McCain was looking for where he sees an opportunity to knock Obama's historical evening and week long unifying event down a notch.

This may work in the short term and this could only be seen as a short-term gimmick, much like the gas tax holiday he proposed during the summer, but in the long term, when everyone has a couple weeks to comb her over and when she has to stare down Joe Biden and he finishes picking her apart, what then? If she can't hold her own against him than how can she be expected to on the world stage with Putin and Ahmadinijad and Kim Jong-Il? This election is interesting, like the last Batman flick but just as that movie ended, so shall this election, with the Dark Knight still standing.

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