Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday's Woman: Megalyn Echikunwoke

Let me just first off say to everybody, especially to the first time readers who this site has seen increased web traffic from this month, it's very very easy as you know to up the latest photos of the female-du-jour that everybody is swooning over every two weeks or every rap video or television show but to me, that's fairly boring and predictable and thus fairly predictable and I refuse to stand in line and do that. Especially since you're talking about a world where guys are the minority and there are so many many females deserving of our attention and collective adulation. So as it has been my side project to point out women who for the most part have been glossed over to the detriment of guys who appreciate good eye candy but instead get flooded with a select few women who are deemed the 'it' girls while people sleep on the females who are up and coming. So with that said, I present a name that isn't a household one but should and possibly could be soon, Megalyn Echikunwoke.

She's starred on such TV shows as 'the 4400' & '24'. I think I first saw her on an episode of 'The Steve Harvey Show' where she played his niece and subsequently Romeo's love interest. She was fine even back then. Today, she's an even bigger problem.

The thing about the women of the "Wednesday's Women" is you never know how people are going to accept each one you chose from week to week but I've been seeing a trend in increased traffic the last 5 Wednesdays that lead me to believe you trust/respect my judgment so let's hope for 6.

Also, guess who she's supporting for president:

Beautiful. Sensible. Classy.

Yeah, you can bring her home to meet momma...


Writer2day said...

I think Megalyn is fabulous. I am a member of her forum, Megalyn E Online, I also have a group for Her over at called Megalyn Echikunwoke, Not Just a Pretty Face.

I also have a website for Megalyn/Jensen fans from when she played Cassie Robinson on Supernatural.

Have you met any of her other fans online? There are quite of few of us. I am glad you posted about her, on here, I just received the alert through Gmail.

Another person who needs to be noticed is Christie Laing, she played Isabelle Tyler for the first viewing when she had grown up over night LOL

I have a fan site for her if you want the info just let me know.

Kudos for doing this :)

Anonymous said...

I love Megalyn, She was great on Supernatural! Thanks for this!!!

The Honorable 'Sass said...

Thanks y'all. I appreciate it. It's a real shame she hasn't blown up more. I actually remember her in a movie titled "Funny Valentines" with Alfre Woodard too. She was pretty good from what I recall. Let's hope she has more in front of her than behind her. But to put it bluntly she's gorgeous and we need to see more of her as often as possible.