Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wednesday's Woman: Iva La'Shawn

Iva La'Shawn is an actress/comedian from Springfield, OH about an hour and a half or so from my hometown of Cincinnati. She's been in a handful of movies now and found a moderate amount of respect which is saying a lot coming from a small town in Ohio and being in SoulPlane *cringes*. (We all make mistakes)

But I digress, this woman is phenomenal on the eyes. She's kind of like Eva Pigford but more pure. I always thought Eva was cool but something about her seemed less than top shelf. Could never put my finger on it though. I don't get that with Iva though. Iva & Eva. Almost like they could be sisters. LOL.

Anyway, I've always thought she was stunning but it was just one of those things were I never thought of following up on my instincts and getting anymore information or looking up any pictures after the movie I watched with her in it was over. Well The Wash just came on television and I figured there's no time like the present. Enjoy.

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Shellyn said...

Iva La Shawn is my little sister a I am very Proud of her.