Friday, May 23, 2008

Hillary Hints At Possible Obama Assassination For Why She Stays In The Race

This is clumsy, inarticulate and I don't think she meant it and she probably is tired but this is bad and for the first time this campaign process I feel like I may sit out this election for the greater good.

I'm really starting to think short of Obama campaigning with Hacksaw Jim Duggan he's not going to quell the angst America has in voting for a person of color and that there are forces at work here that will likely do him in if he gets too close to the office. People are speaking in too many dog whistles right now. It's just not in this country to elect a non-white man. I'm starting to feel like to support Obama may actually be signing his death warrant. Unfortunately I couldn't support anybody left in the race so I may not even vote. I don't want to make his little girls orphans.

Black people can pay taxes like everybody else, follow the rule of law, work as hard as their white counterparts and earn all the rights afforded to them but being president isn't a realistic goal. Not in this country. Not at this time. It's just not going to happen and it's sad. [ChrisRock] Blacks can't teach their kids when they're young that sky's the limit in America, when you're black the limit is the sky. [/ChrisRock]

My man Keith with his special commentary tonight on this episode:

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