Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wednesday's Woman: Chante Moore

It's probably been a month of Sundays since you've ever heard from Chante Moore seeing as she's been locked in relative obscurity for the past several years for whatever reason. Maybe she pissed someone off, maybe she lost a lot of he fanbase when she jumped the broom with singer Kenny Lattimore or for any multitude of reasons she just ain't grabbing headlines like she used to but while all this is true she's been consistently fine. Of all places my dad actually put me on to her as a woman who was dope. Now usually if my dad says anything I go other way on the subject. I mean we wouldn't agree on the weather outside but pop was right. She's fine and at 41 you'd be hard pressed to find many chicks of 40+ years that held up as nice as her (Sounds like a challenge to myself. Look for a future post on that matter). But I ask you to look at some of these pics and mount a disagreeable case that this woman isn't beautiful.

Note to Nick Cannon, this is how you win and you marry a dope singer that's got you by a decade or more. Take notes.

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