Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sprewell Lost (House, Mind, etc.)

Former NBA player Latrell Sprewell officially lost his house Monday. From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

A River Hills home belonging to former NBA star Latrell Sprewell was foreclosed on today when he failed to show up in court to contest the action brought by a bank that held his mortgage.

The holder of the mortgage, RBS Citizens Bank, told Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge David Hansher that Sprewell owes $320,284. According to River Hills records, the house is assessed at $610,000 and has an estimated fair market value of $667,980. Spreewell bought the house in 1994 for $405,000.

Now I personally find no joy in seeing anyone of any color of any profession lose their home because a home is not a car or a flimsy possession of little value and you can't afford to lose it and be alright. Wherever your fandom lies you have to hope for the best for the man. However, and this is a big however (think Stephen A . Smith sized), I do recall a time when a couple NBA teams were offering this guy millions of dollars two or three years back and him wanting/demanding more and even being quoted as saying 'I've got a family to feed' as he turned down money none of us will ever see in a lifetime. That was a bad move Latrell. You see, athletes are superhuman in many many ways and the physical ability they're blessed with is often dumbfounding but the window they have to compete and do what they do on the field or court is finite and so fleeting. If your own body doesn't start to give out after a few seasons then the next best young thing out of being in college for a year is breathing down your neck, ready to take your spot at the turn of every corner so it's incumbent upon you to come in and make all the money you can while you can. This was lost on Latrell.

I'm not saying the guy couldn't but he's 37 now, a few years removed from seeing the hardwood and people who came in the league later than him and gone on in droves to call it quits since he's been M.I.A. I mean I guess your name is still your name and if you wanted to pimp your signature and do the traveling dog and pony show and sign autographs at card shows and whatnot you could generate a few dollars he could but I don't see him doing that. Besides, he's not really a household name and the only time in his career he was it was because he put his coach to sleep in a practice. So I guess all Spree's got left right now is eBay because sitting around looking like Samuel L.Jackson hasn't been/isn't going to pay the bills.

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