Thursday, April 16, 2009

You Don't Really Believe It, You're Just Saying It To Say It

This team is done for the playoffs!

They can't beat LBJ in the ECF!

They can't beat Orlando!

They probably won't even beat seventh seeded Chicago!

Pardon me for laughing at that. I mean they said this last year. They said last year was the Lakers' year and how dare you even walk onto the same court with Kobe Bryant and Kobulous Ko-Stars? Yeah you'll have to pardon me for not caring what these guys say. They always overreach. These are the same guys who double down on the Sooners when they play Boise St. Same dudes who tell you every year that USC might be the greatest football team there ever was.

Wherever there exists an opportunity for these kinds of people to say things like this they swoop in like the vultures they are and assert there opinion into the mix and if you disagree with these cats you're not to be taken serious. The game of it all is that they get you to agree with them if you're to be taken seriously at all and if you do happen to disagree and have the audacity to speak your mind, then you're crazy and that alone is enough of a disqualifier in stating your opinion on the matter. Only if you go along with them and agree just to appease their ego and your shared predictions turn out to be wrong, don't expect for this guy to admit he and popular thinking was wrong because he won't be. He'll say that nobody else could have saw that coming and if they tell you otherwise they're lying. You put everything on the line when you make a prediction counter to popular opinion and when you're right you're just lucky. He puts everything on the line in saying how it's a slam dunk result and you're an idiot for believing otherwise and when he is wrong, he's not really wrong as it was a fluke and flukes happen and his credibility can't possibly take a hit on the matter because nobody in the entire universe could have seen it turning out the way it did.

When you get it right, you get faint praise and revisionism. When he gets it right he makes sure you know how stupid you were for not riding along with him and the world stinks with his farts for a month and you've got to smell them and say the place smells like roses.
Anyway's despite everybody wringing their hands in the air and getting out of their cars doing Chinese fire-drills and yelling at the height of their voices about how all is over and all that's left is dirt and wreaths and how the Celtics can possibly win in any fashion in the playoffs when they still amassed a 27-9 record without KG for the past two seasons...

MY PREDICTION: Celtics 4-2 Over The Chicago Bulls

Celtics 4-3 Over The Orlando Magic

Cavs 4-2 Over The Boston Celtics in the ECF always if I'm wrong, you're welcome to remind me that I was, but if I'm right, expect to hear about that too....

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