Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Win Free Domino's For A Year Delivered By Their CEO

In the ultimate "Slow News Day" story, Dominos is offering a contest right now that if you win they give you free food for an entire year if you're picked after you nominate a friend for the contest. That's the condensed gest of the video for those of you who feel you're too important to be bothered to watch the :30 second long clip from above (trust me you probably aren't that special but whatever).

Their food isn't even that great. I eat Domino's like maybe a few times a year, if that. Not even enough to warrant even having my name in their system. Like if I'm driving and I'm bored with the food at home I might maybe drop in and order a pizza and wait on it. I'm not a pizza calling/delivering type of cat. Why should I pay you for getting the pizza and bringing it to me? I'm not about to go in pocket for something that I can just as easily do. Beside the point, the whole draw of this promotion I guess is the CEO of Domino's delivers you the pizza for a year if you win the contest which is really like whatever to me. Like this dude is special or something. Like he was on Dancing With The Stars last season or something. Like he's kind of a big deal. Let me tell you something, I either cut off, ride someone's ass (n/h) in traffic or get in front of someone that's somebody's boss everyday. Believe me, I couldn't even tell the difference. In fact, if all you're doing is delivering the pizza to me Mr. CEO you won't make a difference. You're giving your time up in vain. I won't be shocked. You won't get a tip. You won't get any recognition. You might not even get a Bruh man from the 5th Flo' Headnod. I'm getting my pizza and you're getting the hell off my lawn and that's the extent. CEO or no CEO I don't care.
Like I could see if this guy was Jared from Subway or something. He comes up to my door and delivers a Spicy Italian Sub with just Mustard and Provolone, he'll get a handshake. I know him. He hustles a reputable product. Dominos...not so much. You sell thin ass pizza that clogs arteries and cinnastix with a garlic undertaste.

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