Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tuesday's Top Ten : Best Shoes Of The Year

For the first time in a very long time, the shoes coming out this year are actually as good or a better option than buying deadstock shoes from your childhood in the past. Now a big reason to this admittedly is that a lot of the shoes coming out this year are either retros or fusions of great shoes that have come out in the past but either way I'm not complaining. I haven't bought a pair of current shoes that weren't just some exclusive hard to find ridiculously priced shoes on eBay since like 2003 because shoes have been so weak. That was all I had in my closet other than boots, Stan Smiths, Uptowns and dress shoes. So this list will need no real commentary obviously, just pictures. I pray that you cop at least a couple pair as if you do not then you will hurt my feelings by making me feel the shoes I like are wack.

Here's the list...

1.) Nike Zoom Flight Club

2.) Nike Air Yeezy

3.) Nike Air Griffey

4.) Nike Air Sharkley

5.) Nike Air Power Max

6.) Nike Air Jordan Force 9

7.) Nike Air Force 1 - 2009 NFL Pro Bowl

8.) Nike Zoom Phenom

9.) Nike Vandal High Supreme EX Rock n’ Roll

10.) Nike KD1

I'm going to waste a great deal of money on shoes this year...


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mizuno wave said...

I wonder what's the top ten best shoes for 2010...^_^

zbsports said...

way back 2009...I never thought they are the best shoes...they are deserving to the title...

michelle said...

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