Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Locked Up Abroad: Ecuador

Anyone that knows me knows that I like nothing more than watching NBA games and Bill Maher but as a close 3rd, no scratch that, a close 1AA is probably the National Geographic Television Show Locked Up Abroad. That show centers around the real life stories recounted by people who've been locked up in other countries and their experiences in foreign jails. This show is as gripping as The Wire and I don't throw that out there lightly. It's just that gully. What happens is the people who have been locked up, narrate what happens to them as you're shown a recreation on the screen of the events that see them imprisoned abroad. Now most of the incidents that end up landing these people in foreign jails are drug related or just unfortunate circumstance but the shows are just awesome. It comes on every Wednesday Night at 10 PM EST and then it replays at 1 AM EST. Must see tv. In fact this episode is the best one I ever saw and they just uploaded it to NatGeo's website and so I've been waiting to share it. You HAVE to watch this. It's going to be around 45 minutes long runtime I won't lie but if you have some time to burn before class or work or you can't sleep and nothing good is on and you're just going through the motions of flipping through the stations at least give this video I'm posting a 10 minute trial. If you're not absolutely invested in the show after ten or fifteen minutes you have my word that I'll let you call me whatever curse you can think of and never visit this website again but if you trust me and you're willing to ride with me and know that I wouldn't steer you wrong and that I'm looking out for my readers check the video.


or if the link is acting up just go directly to the episode here...

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