Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blantantly Wrong

This is crazy. And by crazy I don't necessarily mean racist but crazy in the literal sense. You just know the dude who did this knew what the inference was going to be when he cooked up this nonsense. He knew it wouldn't end wel--that is couldn't end welll. He couldn't have been this oblivious to the racial components. No way did this guy not see the "Obama Waffles" or hear the "Barack The Magic Negro" song and not know that this was a new day and that kind of junk wouldn't just fly under the radar. Or maybe, and this is what I'm thinking, this guy knew and just plain didn't care. He figured publicity bad or good was all good publicity--and free at that and in these times of economic hardship why break out dead presidents to attract the masses in commercials when you can use live presidents as a vehicle to bring the public, free of charge, to your eatery? People shouldn't even give this guy any business. To go there only rewards an idiot for being an idiot and I'm not in the business of throwing bones to dogs for barking and sniffing crotches--you know dog stuff. No, to earn something you have to do something and going all "Obama Fried Chicken" is just the easiest quickest route to public lore. Doesn't mean the product is any good. In fact I'd bet you the shirt off my back the food probably sucks.

Now I know that this country did more on November 4th than just electing a black man it set in motion a signal that we might be ready to have a new more mature conversation on race and that's fine. I'm willing to do that. I'm willing to be an adult and make concessions that we as a people should probably be a little less defensive because this is a decent country and we're making improvements and 2008 does prove a point but each time we take a step forward some idiot stands up and does something like this and makes us more vigilant and appeals to our lesser impulses. This is one of those times. Now I'm going to surprise you this time and not make a big deal about this because I refuse to big up this talentless hack trying to make a quick buck off the shock value of black people and consciousness of others outside of our community. But this isn't about this one guy. He's just a microcosm of all the other "Obama Fried Chickens" currently in business and all the future OFC's to come. We need to reject these morons and respond to them in a way that we haven't before we had a person of color in the white house. Not to see where it gets us but where it gets them. Ignore them and their products. It's the easiest yet most effective way to eradicate this and we all can do it if we submit to conformity for a righteous outcome. He isn't the first and he won't be the last but this needs to be a new way of responding to old trip lines. Just consider it though

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