Monday, April 13, 2009

Soulful Sunday: The Red Light

How many times have we been stuck at red lights watching a seemingly endless procession of cars go through a red light from the perpendicular direction as we sit there, praying to God for an end to it all? And it's always when you're in a hurry too or you're on a lunch break or you've got to make a visit to the bathroom or something. The light knows and the light just flat out doesn't care.

The absolute worst though is when nobody is fucking coming and you're just sitting there at a red light waiting like an idiot and literally watching powerless as your time is being wasted. Not just watching your time being wasted by actually standing for it. In fact, the only people that might be around are the shady figures in the background on foot that know it's a red light and you know that they know you aren't going anywhere and that since nobodies around they can pretty much do with you what they will. Of course sitting there waiting for that long screws with your mind and these things will enter your thinking. It's just beyond your control really. And don't you dare think about actually running the red light either because nobody is around. What are you insane? That would be exact moment the cops happen to roll on through or appear out of nowhere. Running the light = Insane but sitting there like an asshole = smart, logical thing to do.

Now the dirty little secret is that there are certain detectors in the traffic lights at these four ways that set off a signal when you pull up that your car has to trigger for the light to eventually give you the green or otherwise it will just assume that you nor anybody else is sitting there waiting.

Girls should be that way
. There ought to be some sort of signal being given off before there's a green light and there's a 'go' signal. Lest you be sitting at the light like an idiot when nobody else is threatening your pathway and it's seemingly all clear and you have everything but permission.

Just a thought, ladies.

Algebra - At This Time

Carla Riddick - I Don't Wanna

Kelis - Freak Me Slow _Prod. By Neptunes (Unreleased Track)

D/L individually below. (Although if you only download one, make sure it's the Kelis song. Just wonderful.)

Kelis - Freak Me Slow _Prod. By Neptunes (Unreleased Track)

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