Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mike Tyson On Chris Brown

Mike Tyson on the Chris Brown/Rihianna Situation:
Mike Tyson - who was accused of beating former wife Robin Givens and raping Rhode Island beauty queen Desiree Washington - says he can relate to Chris Brown, the 19-year-old singer accused brutually beating his pop star girlfriend, Rihanna.

“It’s none of my business, but you know what I say about that? I understand the situation. I understand passion with young kids,” the former World Heavyweight Boxing Champ told MTV News on Tuesday.

“My personal opinion about that is, he’s just a baby,” adds the former heavyweight champ. “He’s just a little baby that don’t know how to handle his emotions when it comes to a woman. And he probably hears this and thinks, ‘I know how to handle my emotions’; we all think we do.”

“But the fact [is],” Tyson continues, “you look at this person and you might be crazy in love, but we don’t know how to handle those feelings,” Iron Mike explains.

Chris has pleaded not guilty to two felony counts of assault and making criminal threats.

“Do I think it’s right to beat up a woman? No — hell no,” he adds. “Have I hit a woman before? Hell yeah. Was I wrong? Hell yeah. I’m a product of that environment. Do I regret ever doing that? Hell yeah. Would I do it again? Never.”

LOL I don't make light of this situation or domestic violence. I don't post gossip or ongoing happenings via this story as you can and probably should look elsewhere for that kind of thing (even though you probably shouldn't). But the truth is I am now and always have been and always will be a Mike Tyson fan. I just wish he spoke more because he's such a generally interesting fellow. He could be what Charles Barkley is to sports commentating if someone gave him the opportunity. Has he made his mistakes? Of course but so has Barkley. We all know that won't happen because we're a society of picking and choosing and since we lack consistency we won't give him the same breaks we give other troubled people we like more. Our loss.

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