Friday, November 21, 2008

Tuesday's Top Ten: Women On CNN

Full disclosure, I've always been and will always be a MSNBC type nigga. They present the best quality of news and reporting on television period. Fox News is Fox News. It deserves no serious analyzing because it's journalistic fraud and sensationalized slop. I don't even watch it that much to be able to pick out a group of women and conduct a similar list. MSNBC like I said is wonderful programming just I don't get down with their female correspondents/hosts/anchors all like that. When you're great at something though you need less distractions and so I guess I attribute their lack of pretty faces to that. Now for CNN, their news is pretty good but considerably less interesting than MSNBC but what makes them competitive is the eye candy over there. They body the competition. It's not even fair, like whoever the Bulls played in the 90's going up against the GOAT. So I always wanted to acknowledge how highly I think of their women in a post at some point but it never really fit and so the best idea I could come up with to work them into a post is by ranking their Top Ten women in a Tuesday's Top Ten list and here we are. Top Ten Women On CNN (all pics, no commentary as the photos will do that for me).

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10.) Robin Meade

9.) Zain Verjee

8.) Veronica De La Cruz

7.) Richelle Carey

6.) Kristie Lu Stout

5.) Suzanne Malveaux

4.) Amy Holmes

3.) Stephanie Elam

2.) Fredricka Whitfield

1.) Soledad O'Brien


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the order be reversed?

The Honorable 'Sass said...

LOL, no. All are beautiful though but it's pretty good as it is.

Anonymous said...

Robin is #1 and that is the way it should be reversed