Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Loose Ends

'Just Came To The Realization That I'm Gonna Miss Seeing You, Meghan! Please Do Something That Requires Your Face In The News Again, Real Soon.'

Damn I'm lazy. Didn't do shit all evening and haven't produced so much as one post even though I should be upping a Wednesday's Woman or a Tuesday Top Ten. I will definitely get that done though tonight or early tomorrow so check back with me. But in the meanwhile accept these loose ends as a sufficient alternative for the lack of posts today.

Obama Campaign Pictures With Caption (Very good read)
Obama Pic Goes for $2,000 In Auction
Black Jesus/ Boondocks Skit LOL (Courtesy Youtube)
John Witherspoon Talks About Steroids LMAO (Courtesy Youtube)

Super EMO Chick Meets Amy Winehouse (Gruesome)

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