Thursday, November 13, 2008

Paul Pierce Is The Best In The Game And This Week Isn't Contradicting That

You don't have to like him.

You don't have to like his game.

You might even prefer a flashier Kobe Bryant/LeBron James type but it's really hard to say my dude isn't getting it in right now (and by right now I mean the last several months). He's gritty, he's one of the most durable superstars in the league, he's quiet off the court and doesn't demand that kind of attention as a celebrity (which is probably why he's not getting the love his game demands) but the man delivers. He's been sold me that he was the guy as far back as a decade but now anyone with any reasonable standards with two eyes and without bias has to give the guy his just due; his numbers and W's demand it.

It's time. It's alright. You can let go of the irrational hatred or whatever it is that allows you to deny him. Whatever metric you wish to use, he stacks up with the best. He's the most clutch player in the league (yes I said it). He's got the hardware and jewelry now which was the only knack against him before 2007. He's the calm, level headed, cool demeanor that everybody looks for in a favorite player and he's got the game to back up his claims this summer in Spain that he is the best player in the world. He got off to a somewhat rocky start this year but he's been battling a hand injury although you couldn't tell over the last few games.

First vs. Toronto:

Tonight's Game Winner vs. unbeaten Atlanta:

If this is any indication of things to come, it's going to be a long season for the haters. This is not going to stop being the case any time soon so you can pull your fingers out of your ears, open your eyes and stop humming songs to drown out what I'm saying. It's pointless. He's going to keep doing this kind of shit and I'm going to keep telling you about it. He's going to keep embarrassing and outdueling your favorite players and you're going to get used to it and accept it. He's going to keep winning and you're going to keep losing.

The great part about it, the truly awesome thing've got seven more months of eating shit sandwiches if you still aren't coming around.


KG was his usual (and somewhat unintentionally) hilarious self in the post-game press conference. Seated next to Paul Pierce, who hit the game-winner with 0.5 seconds left, Garnett said: "The last play was drawn up: Get the ball to Pierce; get the hell out the way. Superman's in the booth. Let's go home. That was the play, and if you don’t believe that ask Doc Rivers and he'll say the same exact thing." It's worth noting that a humble-sounding Pierce claimed the play was designed for KG to drive to the hoop if the lane was open, but since it wasn't Garnett handed off to him and he took the shot.

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