Wednesday, November 5, 2008

John McCain, I Tip My Hat To You

There's little doubt that Obama will steal the headlines and deservedly so but it should also be worth mentioning that John McCain deserves commendation for showing the class and humility we all were fond of in the past but that he lost somewhere along the line in his concession speech last evening and his conduct in the last couple weeks in contrast to the more loathsome moments of his campaign. Obama without question won this race more than McCain lost it but one of the biggest subplots of the night should definitely be George W. Bush having defeated John McCain twice now since 2000. Not that picking Sarah Palin wasn't a healthy contributing factor to the loss coupled with any number of his missteps, gaffes and Rick Davis' campaign malpractice but more than any of these factors individually George W. Bush has been absolutely toxic to the political health of John McCain and that much is a damn shame.

Anyway, Obama has made it known he'd be interested in having McCain in his cabinet of advisers because he wanted a tribune of dissenting thought and opinion but something tells me that if/when it comes to him offering John McCain the slot he will regrettably decline. I can understand even I don't agree. In fact the scene would probably play out similar to this classic scene from 'The Wire'. You can just imagine Cutty as John McCain, Barack Obama as Avon and Slim Charles as Joe Biden as you watch this...

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