Friday, November 7, 2008

Five Quick Political Thoughts That Bear Worth Mentioning From This Week That I Pondered

1.) Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country according to Fox News. Did I mention they knew this BEFORE the campaign ended on November 4th and only now decided to make it known for some agreement with the leak source. Way to put country first, FOX. Had we elected this those jerks we'd be stuck with them and would have no reprieve for at least 4 years.It's like knowingly selling faulty goods to consumers. Moral bankruptcy. (link)

2.) Do people realize there are no black senators left now and how sad that is? I mean there's only two black governors. Why is that important? Because it goes to show you how fundamentally impossible it is for another black president. Consider the biggest knock on Barack through the primaries and ultimately during the general election: his experience. How much experience can you gain as a vital credential in your quest toward the presidency if you can't make the Senate or become a Governor? Sure there are more black state representatives but how many people make the jump from state representative to the presidency? I say enjoy the next four years and possibly eight because if you look at Washington right now outside of Pennsylvania avenue, there won't be much chance to see this repeat itself for at least another twenty years.

3.) Take that back, there is another potential competent black candidate, Condoleeza Rice. Experience, foreign credentials, been in the white house, is a moderate Republican and she has the respect of the world. Crazy thing is I'm not even sure she would win the nomination from Sarah Palin though who is clearly less qualified. And people think Affirmative Action aids inferior black candidates.

4.) Anyone who thinks racism is magically gone from the American equation is delusional. Basically the black man had to be flawless in every sense to beat the old white man who seemed to do everything he possibly could every other week to give this election away.

5.) It's crazy that Joe The Plummer, crusader for smaller government and lower taxes was himself a welfare recipient paid for by taxes. Poor white people who vote against their own economic interests recruited into fighting for ideals that only benefit rich men is a sad story. (link)

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