Thursday, November 20, 2008


Sarah Palin interview today where her incoherent rambling isn't even the biggest reason this video is brutal but the nonchalance of the animal slaughtering in the background. Even the guy in the background is only half into what he's doing. He's probably more into the spectacle that is a Sarah Palin verbal train wreck. Who amongst us can look away from an accident?


Ingrid said...

This clown (Sarah) is rambling on and on about traditional values and what not in a Burberry scarf while a Turkey gets slaughtered in the background . . . was this a skit for SNL?

The Honorable 'Sass said...

LOL, I wish this was a joke but it is reality. The saddest of all this being it came within 6.5 percent of the vote hypothetically of becoming our vice president. What a land we live in.