Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday's Woman: Rachel Blanc

If there's one thing I love in this world, it's Brazil. I think anybody that knows me in real life or on this blog they know that much about me. If there's one other thing I love in life it's models. Therefore naturally if there's two things I love in this life, it's Brazilian Models. Damnit, I can't help myself. My blackness can't resist gold skinned women with junk in their trunks and so Brazil for me is like light to moths if you will. I blame European colonialism for this though. Brazil is a country full of people that look like black people, both light and dark, and for all intensive purposes in this country would be considered black here too because of the African heritages of the country's slave descendants that mixed the roots of indigenous people, slaves and the white Portuguese and so naturally American black people specifically can't get enough of Brazil's women. It's all science, son.

I speak Spanish and English but I'd trade both languages in to speak Portuguese which is the official language in Brazil given by their Portuguese conquistadors. Damn shame too. I mean I really need to get this Rosetta Stone Portuguese Program on my computer like yesterday. Regardless, by the time I'm thirty I'm going to know Portuguese I guarantee and I'm going to put it to use when I go to Brazil. AIDS or no AIDS in that country I'm going down there on the big 3-0 and I'm going to have a good time because hopefully by 2014 we will have a cure for it. I'm banking on it for sure. There's no reason on God's green Earth that Magic Johnson can have HIV for nearly 20 years and every time I see him on television he gets stronger and stronger. We can cure AIDS! And we need to cure AIDS. I'm not getting any younger, Brazil ain't getting any more beautiful and 30 will soon be here so we need to get the best scientists in a huddle, get a game plan cracking so I can live out my dreams and so that men like me can keep the Brazilian dream alive!

Yes We Can!

Brazil/'Sass '14!

Now that I've vented I give you one of Brazil's finest, Rachel Blanc...

 Precious Lawd, Please Take My Hand....I'll be back later. I need a cigarette after this post.

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