Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday's Woman: Freida Pinto

You've seen her in Slumdog Millionaire, or then again maybe you haven't. Maybe you've avoided the movie altogether because it's a low budget foreign film. Maybe you've avoided it because it's getting too much hype. Or then again perhaps you're avoiding this because it has subtitles and Lord knows movies with subtitles can be very very annoying. With the exception of Passion Of The Christ which did not contain one word of English for the duration of the film but I own nevertheless. Let me say this though, if you're avoiding the movie on any of the grounds which I just named or any other smaller reasons than I beg of you to reconsider. It actually is a pretty good movie, no lie. So stop sleeping and go see it with your girl and tell her The Honorable 'Sass told you to. Now the biggest reason possible to see this though is Freida Pinto. This woman might be the Indian Lauren London. Just a classic beauty in the purest sense in this new school of young up and coming starlets. I don't throw out Lauren London comparisons but this chick quality wise is that good. Am I out of order for saying this? I can't say I am because I've seen this movie now twice because of her after I did everything but swear on my grandmothers grave that I wouldn't give in and watch this film. Am I out of order? You tell me.


eastbayhustler said...

Classy, smart, sexy, charming, all that. She's the total package.

The Honorable 'Sass said...

Great minds think alike.Wife material right there.