Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday's Top Ten: Gayest Photos In Sports In The Past Year

LOL, this one is just for fun and since I haven't done a Top Ten list in a while I've got to hit my stride again and so I'll start with something light and something we can all agree on before I start going too far in my own opinion and post a controversial list. To the people that helped pick out the pictures I appreciate it. You know who you are, LOL. Rather than give paragraphs on each picture, I'll just name each picture.

10.) "Oh No He Didn't

9.)  "Broke Back Raptor"
8.) "Me Wuv You At The Wong Time
7.) "You Won't Want To Touch this Ball After I Get Done With It
6.) "Carrying Your Team On Your Back Or A 6'4 Guy With His Thumb Up Your Ass, What's The Difference, Really?
5.) "Homies Over Hoes
4.) "Magnet In My Ass
3.) "See This Here Is My Man. I'll Cut Any Of You Bitches Fa Him. Gimme Some Sugar, Boo
2.) "Can I Be Your Tennis Ball?"  (Courtesy of Jamie Foxx & Serena Williams)
1.) "If I Was A Squirrel And It Was Winter, I'd Take Your Nuts And Keep Them Warm

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