Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Allen Iverson A.K.A General Cornrow Wallace Getting A Haircut

LOL @ him looking like Mr. Glass in the middle parts of this video but jokes aside this is a good look for him and hopefully will signal the end of a hairstyle that has long jumped the shark. He was the last of 'Rowicans and if he got them cut everybody is on a 30 day notice from Pusha T of Clipse to Stevie 'Fadeaway Hairline' Wonder. No exceptions. From the stingiest of braids to the longest hangtime we need to step it up as black men. If you think President Barack Obama would look anything other than a clown on the world stage with cornrows in a trip of foreign diplomacy to the Gaza Strip or in front of the G-8 council than it should hold yourself to the same standards. We should leave this this decade. Let's not take it into the next decade. We must put aside these childish things. Kudos A.I.

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