Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday's Woman: Maíra Britto

Aaliyah aside this is arguably the finest Wednesday's Woman I've yet brought to you guys. I know this is black history month and I know I'm going crazy for Brazilians but this one right here, RIGHT HERE? She's worth it. This is like a hybrid of Paul Patton, Halle Berry and Rosario Dawson all rolled into one Portuguese speaking other worldly creature. She's been featured on Big Brother Brazil but who here in this country watches that right? She's 26 and she doesn't know it yet but she's going global today. This is too much to be confined to just Brazil. Lady Liberty be damned if America is going to be left out while this is going on in another time zone without our knowing. So I took the liberty to figure out a way to bring her to you all reading the blog.

Maíra Britto

I mean this woman is so fine that when you put her in a picture with two other women that would be passable for something to look at at work or in the doctor's office the other women just look ugly in comparison. Don't believe me, try this out. Take your hand and just cover up Maira and just look at the other girls like Maira doesn't exist and tell me if they aren't at fairly decent or at least you upgrade them a notch over where you had them when you initially saw the photo. LOL

Just Saying...this photo looks like Michael Jordan playing with a bunch of scrubs.

Anyway I been alienating the female readers of this site this year for the most part and I am going to get back to more meaningful posts and conversation centerpieces but Brazil is too strong to ignore right now. They need a month more than black people right now. We got a black president. We got the NBA. We got Mike Tomlin. We're doing alright right now. What do we need a Black History Month for? We need a spotlight on our Brazilian sisters down there. They're being virtually ignored. Seems like I'm one of the only ones keeping them in the game here.

If you don't know now you know.

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In Awe said... is one of the most beautiful females that I have EVER seen...She looks "ALL NATURAL", by that I mean NO artificial enhancements and not a lot of makeup at all! That smile is just WOW! I would love to meet her someday.