Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday's Woman: Mira Craig

"I once was lost but now I'm found
'twas blind but now I see..."

From Wiki:
Mira Scherdin Craig (born July 31, 1982 in Oslo) is a Norwegian-American R&B artist. Her father is an African American from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States of America.
Craig is a DIY musician who writes and produces all her songs and music videos.
At the age of twelve, she performed the Whitney Houston hit song "I wanna dance with somebody" on the Norwegian youth TV show "Midt I Smørøyet." Producers were so impressed that they hired her on the spot to host the show.
At age 15 she started writing her own songs, and at 17 she sang backing vocals for Noora Noor.In 2000, Mira made headlines at "Quartfestivalen", a Norwegian music festival, when Wyclef Jean pulled her up on stage. American rap artist Snoop Dogg also took interest in her in 2005 at the same festival, and has since used one of her songs on his compilation, Welcome to tha Chuuch: Da Album.On January 21st, 2006, Craig won the Newcomer of The Year award at "Alarm-prisen," a Norwegian music awards show. Also in 2006, reader's of Norwegian publication Mann Magazine voted Mira "Female of the Year".
While opening for the Fugees in 2007, After attempting to stage dive, Craig fell down as there were no fans willing to catch her. A concert attendee with a cell phone camera soon put the whole event on popular video website YouTube. In this video, the thud of Craig landing on the concrete is very audible as is the grunt Craig lets out as her wind was knocked out. She shattered her kneecap in the fall.
In 2008, Craig took part in Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix as composer. She had written the song Hold On Be Strong, which was performed by Maria Haukaas Storeng. The song won the whole contest, and at the Eurovision semi-final on 20th May 2008 it won a place in the Eurovision final, which will take place on 24th May. The song is right now (February 9, 2008) #1 in the Norwegian iTunes chart. The song ended at 5th place in the final and Norway got the highest ranking of the countries in western Europe.

God bless Norway for this lovely woman...

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