Thursday, September 11, 2008

LPGA Player and Model Anna Rawson Gives Out Cell Phone Number To Fans

LPGA player and model Anna Rawson is probably the first athlete to give out a cell phone number for fans to leave messages and text.

According to the Alabama Press Register, Rawson has found a more personal way to connect with her fan base.

"Only four weeks old, the number — 213-785-7675 — allows her fans to leave personal messages. She said she has started listening to the messages and is going to return some of the calls.

She added she likes the personal touch of the cell phone contact with fans and believes it's a more personal way to keep in touch with them than mailing an autographed photo.

The 5-foot-10 beauty hopes to gain a few more golf fans this week in Mobile as she competes in the Bell Micro event."

Anybody that visits my website and actually calls this woman's phone number is dishonorable. If you don't get the girl's number honestly than you haven't earned the right to call her.

Props to Rawson for doing something original though to help her sport and up her sportperson identification.

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