Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wednesday's Woman: Lolo Jones

Lolo Jones is by all measurements as magnificent a twenty-something as anyone that's walked (or more appropriately ran) this Earth in a long, long time.

It's clear as you gaze into her emerald eyes she's special. You recognize it when you see it even if you don't have the words to describe it; Whatever your religion is, somebody somewhere greater than ourselves had to put her together; And speaking of beliefs, Lolo is a person grounded in Christ and faith. She actively involves herself in Christian Ministry which in and of itself is highly commendable for her age.

Lolo recalls her life's hardships with ease and confidence. She talks about being homeless in high school and not having much past the dorm her scholarship afforded her in college and holidays passing when everyone went back to their homes and family gatherings and her staying with in that same dorm that she figured was better than anything she had waiting back on her; But she persevered nevertheless. She's a woman with the resolve to earn her degree, then after college working part-time so she could have time to prepare for the Beijing Olympics full-time. Anyway she tells the story better than me...

As fine as she is genuine, as genuine as she is talented, as talented as she is deserving, as deserving as she is honorable she's got to be somewhere in the top ten catches in single women in the country (how she's single right now makes you wonder what's going on with cats in the Big Easy). She's deserving of a more fitting proper definition of who she was than that of the less than expected outcome in her not placing in the Women's 100m Hurdles this past August. She worked harder than that. She sacrificed more than that. She's just so much more.

There's a lesson in her life somewhere though; Reminds me of something my uncle used to tell me...

'In every fairytale the giant usually doesn't go to the villages, the little people end up at the giants doorstep.

: You want something big go after it, big things just don't come to you.'

We still gonna hold you down Lolo even if you did go to LSU. Stay focused and God be with you.

Also visit and support your girl with her charitable relief efforts in raising money for the 2008 Iowa/Heartland Flooding Disasters.

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