Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In Todays Political News...

New Electoral Map
If West Virginia is a toss-up than you might have already lost McCain. West fucking Virginia.

Also Warren Buffet has economic trust in Barack and Hillary.

"I would put either one of them in charge of a business."

That's the richest businessman in the world talking about Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

But John McCain's business adviser doesn't McNutjob should run a business. And now she's going to be disappeared for saying so.

Of course Buffett is right: Obama has been running his multi-millionaire dollar campaign, and doing very very well at it.

Obama: fit to run a business.

McCain: fit to run his mouth.

Lastly, the latest poll numbers:

Obama ahead by a margin of 48 percent to 43 percent (According to a national CBS News/New York Times poll)

New MexicoSurveyUSAObama 52, McCain 44Obama +8
WisconsinRasmussenObama 48, McCain 46Obama +2
OregonRasmussenObama 51, McCain 47Obama +4
NationalGallup TrackingMcCain 45, Obama 47Obama +2
NationalRasmussen TrackingMcCain 48, Obama 47McCain +1
NationalHotline/FD TrackingMcCain 42, Obama 45Obama +3
FloridaCNN/TimeMcCain 48, Obama 48Tie
OhioCNN/TimeMcCain 47, Obama 49Obama +2
North CarolinaCNN/TimeMcCain 48, Obama 47McCain +1
VirginiaPPP (D)McCain 46, Obama 48Obama +2
WisconsinCNN/TimeObama 50, McCain 47Obama +3
IndianaCNN/TimeMcCain 51, Obama 45McCain +6
Rhode IslandRasmussenObama 58, McCain 39Obama +19
NationalCBS News/NY TimesMcCain 44, Obama 49Obama +5
NationalCBS News/NY TimesMcCain 43, Obama 49, Nader 2, Barr 1Obama +6
NationalReuters/ZogbyMcCain 45, Obama 47Obama +2
NationalIpsos Public AffairsMcCain 45, Obama 45, Nader 2, Barr 1Tie
VirginiaCNU Virginia PollMcCain 48, Obama 39McCain +9
CaliforniaFieldObama 52, McCain 36Obama +16

Obama winning in 10/15 state polls released today. I'll take it.

Good day, today.

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