Saturday, August 1, 2009

This Just Don't Make No Damn Sense

What the hell is this? I mean I'm all for gay people living their lives. I'd march on Selma for people and their freedoms as I see a commonality in my struggle as a minority and theirs but this is too much. There are boundaries to being a butch gay woman, lady. Freedom of expression only goes so far. This is America, baby. You gotta put the roof back on the car. This ain't Africa and you ain't posing for a National Geographic magazine cover. LOL @ people walking by and in the background like ain't nothing out of the ordinary. I admit though if the woman was more attractive I might object a little less to it and that's probably wrong because I should stand on principle but it makes a difference to me if Mila Kunis is doing this than if Karl Malone's little sister is. 
This just don't make no damn sense. 

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